Monday, April 25, 2016

Painting, painting, and doors

I mentioned last week (here if you missed it) that I spent my week/weekend painting the living room. I painted it the same color that it was already, partially because I honestly thought the paint I had was more of a gray than a white, and partially because I already had a plethora of paint that needed using that had been bought for other things. Here are a couple (terrible) before photos:

And here are a couple of after photos:

It looks good, but the same. I've never bothered to paint a room the same color it was before, so this is new. I'm sure there's a deep lesson in there someplace, about change being beneficial even if it isn't immediately noticeable. To make it more noticeable, I rearranged the artsy pieces around the room and added some new ones.

I finally took the plunge and worked on the door paintings. I didn't have even a slight plan as to what I would do, which is always a dangerous kind of fun. I didn't take photos of the process partially because I nearly always look back and wish I had stopped 5 steps shy of where I ended up, and partially because my hands were (and still are) so caked in paint I can hardly function.

I thought that they were finished, so I brought them inside. And hated them.

So I hauled them back outside and had another go at it on Sunday morning. And this time liked them much better.

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