Monday, May 16, 2016

The Crazy Dog Lady (who also edits things)

If you have been reading this blog for very long... or if you follow me on Instagram... or interact with me in person... you know that I've been precariously balancing on the precipice of becoming 'that crazy dog lady' for some time now.

I mean, can you blame me? Look at this sweetness:

Anyway. Recently, the smartest and I have been discussing trying to get out and see a little more of Oklahoma. There are state parks and lakes and tall trees and rolling hills, all just out there, waiting for us to enjoy them. But every time we started talking about taking weekend trips or even really long day trips, I would point out that we would have to find someone to watch the dog. And we already ask our friends/family to watch her way more than we should, and we need to save the favors we have for the really big holidays, so that puts us in a bit of a corner.

We decided that we would just bring her. But we can't leave her in the car, because it'll be hot. We can't leave her in the tent because she might blow away. And she can only walk a couple of miles before she lays down all pathetically like she might perish if she takes another step. So...

We bought me a crazy lady dog harness.

Yeah. I'm officially that girl. That girl who carries her dog like a child. However, I am also that girl who gets to go places and do what she wants, so I'm ok with it. In case you were wondering, the puppy loves it. LOVES it. She thinks that hiking makes her a big dog- and she loves hopping in the grass, and jumping over the little tiny sticks that to her feel like huge logs. And she very much enjoys being carried when she gets tired 6 minutes later.

In other news- I'm editing things. And its hard, partially because the puppy likes to lay in my lap, and that requires my lap accommodating ten pounds of fluff, my large binder and my laptop simultaneously. But mostly its hard because I'm trying a new path to editing that makes me question every literary choice I've ever made. Which is good. Mostly.  Maybe. I'll get back to you on that.

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