Monday, June 20, 2016

Three Things

One. It is a summer goal of mine to learn more about the great red state of Oklahoma. Seeing as I've been here for nearly 10 years, it seems high time I explore what kind of pretty things it has to offer. We are planning on hiking and camping and dashing all over the place this summer, which I am pretty excited about. We went to our second state park over the weekend. The puppy hiked like 4 miles without being carried. It rained. It was magic.

Two. I'm on draft "E" of the latest manuscript. As soon as I (ahem, finally) finish this draft up, I will distribute to (ahem, force it upon) a couple beta readers for help working out the kinks. Yay and also eek.

Three. In case you were wondering why I've been so abysmal at keeping up with the blog (but you weren't, because you know me and my scatter brained ways) here's a little of what's been going down around here in the last couple months:

- 2 fantastic cousins graduating from high school
- 1 delightful cousin getting married
- I've set foot in 6 states in the
- 3 camp/bon fires with s'mores
- 1 camper purchased
- Visits to 1 lake and 1 state park

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