Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tiny Human Blog 1

In roughly 19 weeks or so, the Brown family will be growing by one tiny human. That's right, folks, we are all finally going to get to see what a  kid that is half the smartest and half the artist will be like. My guess is that it'll be 1 part ornery, 1 part snarky and 2 parts surprise, just in case you want to quote me on that. 

Let's see. Questions that you might have. 

1). Geez. Did you wait long enough to mention it?
Yeah... I wasn't sure if I wanted to blog about it. I had been focusing the blog on writing and business a little bit more, and I wasn't sure if this was a good forum to discuss my offspring. But then I decided that this is a huge, life changing event which I am pretty darn excited about, and that's worth sharing. I'll tag these posts with 'Tiny Human' so they are easy to avoid for those who don't so much love baby lit. 

2). Will baby Brown be a boy or a girl?
A girl! We are both still in shock, we thought we were heading for bugs and trucks (which we still might be- our little girl may love both spiders and v8 engines, wouldn't that be fun?)

3). Do you have a name?
We've got a couple we are thinking about. We are trying them out in general conversation with each other to see how they sound and if they make any embarrassing words when combined with 'banana-fanna-bo-whatever-that-saying-is.' 

4). Started on your nursery?
I have some ideas. The smartest is in the process of clearing out his office so we can use it as a nursery, so in the meantime I am sorting and cleaning the rest of the cabinets and closets in the house.  It will likely involve plaid. And moose. I only say this because I bought a moose wearing plaid and claimed it was for the nursery, when really I just thought it was adorable and wanted him to come home with me.  

5). How's that book of yours?
I am currently sending out queries for draft 'G' of my latest book. I finished the draft a couple of weeks ago and started querying at the end of last week, from the Denver airport. Wish me luck!

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  1. Congrats!!!! You will be an amazing mom and get ready because you will never know love like loving your very own baby :)