Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nachos, Tiny Suitcases and Fireworks

You know how when you were little and you hit your sister in the face, sometimes you would bribe her with a cookie to make up with you? Not that the BHO or I have any experience in that department, completely hypothetical. Today, after hitting you in the face with an inexplicable absence, I will share some cookies photos with you in an attempt to make you like me again.

To start off with- the smartest and I caught a plane from Dallas to Myrtle Beach on the 4th of July. It was a direct flight, with a tiny airline we don't generally fly... and it came with some interesting specifications. We were allowed one suitcase... and it happened to be the size of the carry-on suitcase we generally pack 2 of when we go visit the artist parents. So basically, I packed 2 of us for a 10 day trip in this little guy:

Feel free to be impressed.

We spent a couple days boppin around Myrtle Beach just the two of us- and we got into all manner of trouble. We found this really crazy shopping center that is centered around a couple of small lakes that have floating walkways across them. They had some really pretty fireworks- and the best pralines I have ever had in my life. Also the first pralines, but there you go. There was also a HUGE store called "The Christmas Mouse" that we came across- it was the most impressive collection of Christmas ornaments ever to be assembled in one place in the history of the world. Pretty sure.

Interesting Myrtle Beach fact- Mini Golf is quite a popular form of entertainment. There are seriously about a thousand courses to choose from- so we chose based purely by driving by and seeing how cool the courses look. As it turns out- I have some latent mini-golf abilities that we were previously unaware of. That's right- look at those holes in one! Don't worry- I don't ever expect that to happen again.

After my inaugural mini-golf triumph, the smartest and I did a bit of hunting around town, and happened upon a Hard Rock Cafe. Shaped like a pyramid. Because that totally makes sense, right? We had a great lunch... but some poor planning. A couple hours after our delicious burger and nachos (they have super good nachos, by the way, which is quite random) we headed off to Pirates Voyage.

Pirates Voyage is a really cool dinner theater that takes place in this enormous room with a full sized pool and all sorts of goodies- ships, acrobats, sea lions, mermaids... and lots of food. None of which we were actually capable of eating, after gorging ourselves on Hard Rock food. But the show was stellar- it was definitely a great way to cap off our couple of days before we met the rest of the smartests for a week of beach-y fun!

Worst thing about Myrtle Beach: People definitely did NOT like my sense of humor. Lots of raised eyebrows and confused looks.

Best thing about Myrtle Beach: If your hair isn't behaving and is continual growing in an outward fashion- people assume you've been in the water and don't give it a second thought. Here in OK, if your hair is larger than it ought to be, people assume you don't have a brush. Which may or may not be the case.

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