Monday, July 22, 2013

The Book Illustrating Saga

Do you guys remember a couple of years ago when I made the nephew a personalized book for his 2nd Birthday? It looked a little something like this:

On a whim, I listed that bad boy online, and have had varying levels of interest in the last couple of years. While I was working on a book for the best friend's birthday, I reviewed some of the book projects I have had the pleasure to work on, and thought I would give you a little peek at some of my favorite pages.

This book was for a sweet little girl who loved alpacas. I too love alpacas, so I feel like we are kindred spirits.

There was an order for a series of books for Christmas gifts for a little gal's grandparents. Each book was different, and it was such a cool peek into the culture of her family. She is going to be VERY busy when she learns how to walk- what with the skiing, Hawaiian vacations and musical lessons.

This mother's day, I did a book that was a salute to a mom who gave her children the gift of the love of reading. Her kids are all grown up- but they wanted to give her a little piece of reading back to her.

For Father's day, I worked on a book dedicated to a wonderful daddy that was all about dinosaurs. The family puppy made an appearance as a panda bear, which was a fun character to play with.

When the best friend turned 25 last month, I thought it would be fun to make her a little book about some of our memories together. Complete with sarcastic captions... because sarcasm is an important part of our memories. Who's surprised?

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