Monday, October 28, 2013

B is for Bon Voyage: London (bus tour)

After our delightful cabana experience, we scuttled off to the hotel to drop our luggage, and then set out to locate some sort of sustenance before we embarked on our first adventure: the bus tour. We decided that we should get a feel for all of the places we (and by we I mean mostly the BHO, I am incomparably lazy) had assembled in our spreadsheet of magic. We ate soup and pudding at a place called Billys. The soup was delicious. The pudding was... not quite what we expected. Mine was more akin to bread pudding- while the BHO's had some interesting textural elements- like hardened meringue of some kind. Both were good... but both were odd.

With the taste of pudding spurring us on, we hopped on the bus and started our sight seeing.

London as a place is very intricate and interesting- there were buildings with gorgeous architecture that were just apartments, or department stores.

We saw some of the highlights we intended to hit later on- and drove over several bridges. This is tower bridge- which shouldn't be confused with London bridge (which was comparatively unimpressive, to be quite honest).

Midway through the tour... it started to rain. Seeing as we were on the top floor of the double decker bus, this posed a bit of a problem. Not to worry- the nice bus driver came up and gave us ponchos, which we proceeded to wear proudly.

We passed the London eye, which we rode the next day, and the shopping district that we would eventually visit in search of Primark.

Halfway through the tour, I decided I wanted to get a photo of us the reflection of a building. This is as close as I got:

There was a large blue chicken in front of the national gallery, which I found incredibly fun for some reason, and made the BHO take several photos with. I also took a weird number of photos of the stone lions.

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