Friday, February 12, 2016

The soft-dressed woman

Yesterday, the smartest and I went to buy him jeans. While I am the type that likes to have a variety of colors of jeans, and enjoys jean-hunting at the thrift store armed with beady eyes and a tenacious attitude, the smartest really only requires a pair or two of similar jeans to survive life. Yet another way that we are deliciously different.

Naturally, while the smartest is hidden away in the dressing room, I take to the clearance racks. Because I have to know. I have to KNOW what kind of prices there are and if there is a $3 shirt hidden amongst the racks (spoiler alert- there WAS). I sifted through a couple of racks and found myself with an armful of things to try on while waiting for the smartest to emerge.

Upon entering the dressing room and hanging my clothes on the rack, I realized something very important about myself.

I am the soft-dressed woman. You've heard of the sharp-dressed man? I'm his fleecy, snuggly counterpart.

I no longer make fashion choices based on appearance. I make them based on texture. I've known this for awhile. I like soft things. I have ALWAYS like soft things. When I was a child, there was a panda bear sweatshirt dress that I wanted to wear every day for five years. I didn't... but I wanted to. In high school, I took a turn wearing things because I liked how they looked, but that was also when I curled my hair on a daily basis and truly believed in my heart that wearing a skirt over jeans was a great look to go for.

I no longer care if what I wear is making a statement, unless that statement is "don't you wish you felt as cozy as I look right now?" I counted the items on the rack that I had grabbed, and here is the breakdown:

- one sparkly
- one plaid
- one floral (and $2)
- five fleece (4 shirts and one pair of pants)

Don't worry, I contained myself. And by contained myself, I do mean I picked my favorite fleece, and then hunted high and low for a second one, because when you are part amazon woman and find arms that are long enough to fit you comfortable that ALSO feature thumbholes... you buy more than one.

I am the soft-dressed woman. Hear me roar! And come cuddle with me, because I am most definitely warmer than you are.

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