Monday, March 14, 2016

Three things: Sneezing, Reading and Winterizing

1). Can I emphasize how strongly allergies have landed in our yard? And with them, the need for allergy medicine? And with that, the need to constantly wear a sandwich board that says "Please ignore my lack of emotional response. I assure you, I am quite happy to be in your presence, but due to my current intake of antihistamines my face is unable to show this fact at this time." On the up side, look how pretty:

2). One of my very amazing and supportive friends bought me a book about writing fantasy. This book, actually:

They gave it to me a week ago, and I blew through it and am now reading it a second time, while working on the edges of a new project. It is quite good. I'm finding it to be helpful in the way that it points out everything I did wrong in my first writing project so that I don't do it in my next project. Which I am getting very excited about.

3). I have de-winterized my closest, so my best guess is that Oklahoma will have a seemingly random and entirely freak cold front at some point this week. When that occurs, don't be alarmed, it is simply the response I always receive when I tuck my sweaters away and start painting my toenails for summer. After typing that... I actually went and checked. It might not be dipping below 32... but 36 isn't too far off:

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